04-14-17 On-The-Fly FYI

Barry Goss, Co-Founder & Publisher, M4 Research
about 5 years agoApril 13, 2017
The above show 'n tell is an on-the-fly / unscripted general "talk" about WHY we continue to operate M4 Insider... and... WHAT Brad & I both hope this quest means to you.

Feel free to leave any comments and/or questions below.
about 5 years agoApril 14, 2017
Thank you for this video for a bit of behind-the-scenes history and other info.  I've been a member for years now and appreciate the growth and evolution of this service.   Lot's of invaluable information inside the membership. Thanks much for keepin' on!
about 5 years agoApril 14, 2017
Thank you for the mini tour and update. This was a great reminder of the valuable information on the M4 site!
about 5 years agoApril 15, 2017
Looking forward to seeing your new discoveries!
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